You & I

Hello there! Sorry for the abrupt end of my previous post, a continuation is in the pipeline. There’s something that distracted me, I must confess. Not something actually, someone. 

Let me tell you about this distraction for a minute. He’s very different from my “ideal” man and I didn’t realize he is a complete package the first time I met him and every time I try to pull away, I end up right back there. The last time I tried, he came looking for me. Why do I like this distraction?

He’s a kind-hearted lover of God who speaks the truth as he sees it. He’s not Mr. Universe, but he’s cute enough and he has a decent job. He’s not perfect though, but I won’t share his weaknesses witchu 😉

Do we always find ourselves back at square 1 after a “long break” away from each other? Yes.

So here’s my message to you, brother man!

You and I are like energy! What we have and what we share is indestructible, it changes form and grows stronger and stronger. There’s no denying that because like you said “it cannot be hidden”. We’ve grown past giddy feelings to something more solid, something weightier. Time will tell though if this energy remains. Otherwise if it dissipates, it was a pleasure and a life-changing experience knowing you. You’ve opened my eyes to see things I never knew existed, challenged me (even unconsciously) to be who I thought I could never be (my God-design), loved me in subtle yet powerful ways and helped me see the beauty in me. Now thanks to you, I have a smile on my face that won’t fade! You are God’s tool to finish up a process in my life and prepare for a new phase.

If you’re a part of that phase, I look forward to sharing the rest of my precious days with you, loving you, supporting you, praying for you, birthing your dreams, being your friend, lover, partner et al. I look forward to being the best with you, bringing out the best in you and you helping me through my “polishing process” to shine as the diamond that I am.

If you’re not, you’ll always be a part of my history, a huge tool in getting to this point. You won’t be easily forgotten because my story won’t be complete without you in it.

I love you,

L. xxx

I know this is deep, but hey, a sister’s got to!

Have yourself a lovely weekend friends! x


About inmetamorphosis

Beautiful lover of God, lover of music, reflector and catalyst in metamorphosis with a beautiful smile :D
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