My last post is 15 months old and boy, have I grown? Between then and now, I have made friends, left friends, found a father and an answer to prayer, started a business, gotten a job, fallen more and more in love with myself and grown wiser. The guy in the previous post? He turned out to be phase, but one that I’m grateful for and NO, I don’t stalk him on FB or Twitter  or his blog page. Sometimes I’m tempted to,  but self-control is the word 🙂

I am learning more about God and I have found out that the more I learn and know about God, the more I learn and know about myself. Truly, I am in metamorphosis and I won’t stop until I become perfect. I want to a 21-day programme where I post a blog a day about what I learn from God’s Word and what I learn from life that day.

2014: No Limits! And I intend to make the most of this limitlessness.

God bless! x

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You & I

Hello there! Sorry for the abrupt end of my previous post, a continuation is in the pipeline. There’s something that distracted me, I must confess. Not something actually, someone. 

Let me tell you about this distraction for a minute. He’s very different from my “ideal” man and I didn’t realize he is a complete package the first time I met him and every time I try to pull away, I end up right back there. The last time I tried, he came looking for me. Why do I like this distraction?

He’s a kind-hearted lover of God who speaks the truth as he sees it. He’s not Mr. Universe, but he’s cute enough and he has a decent job. He’s not perfect though, but I won’t share his weaknesses witchu 😉

Do we always find ourselves back at square 1 after a “long break” away from each other? Yes.

So here’s my message to you, brother man!

You and I are like energy! What we have and what we share is indestructible, it changes form and grows stronger and stronger. There’s no denying that because like you said “it cannot be hidden”. We’ve grown past giddy feelings to something more solid, something weightier. Time will tell though if this energy remains. Otherwise if it dissipates, it was a pleasure and a life-changing experience knowing you. You’ve opened my eyes to see things I never knew existed, challenged me (even unconsciously) to be who I thought I could never be (my God-design), loved me in subtle yet powerful ways and helped me see the beauty in me. Now thanks to you, I have a smile on my face that won’t fade! You are God’s tool to finish up a process in my life and prepare for a new phase.

If you’re a part of that phase, I look forward to sharing the rest of my precious days with you, loving you, supporting you, praying for you, birthing your dreams, being your friend, lover, partner et al. I look forward to being the best with you, bringing out the best in you and you helping me through my “polishing process” to shine as the diamond that I am.

If you’re not, you’ll always be a part of my history, a huge tool in getting to this point. You won’t be easily forgotten because my story won’t be complete without you in it.

I love you,

L. xxx

I know this is deep, but hey, a sister’s got to!

Have yourself a lovely weekend friends! x

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Matters of the Heart

Have you ever tried to stop the ocean with your bare hands or tried to hold back a heavy tide with a piece of cloth? You’ll get swept away… and forcefully too!

In matters of the heart, don’t try to fight your heart with your head/mind, you’ll end up losing the latter…


He walked up to the empty seat next to me.

“Is this seat taken?”, he asked. “No”, I replied quite nonchalantly.

As he settled into the seat next to me, I caught a wisp of crushed myrrh and orchid in the fragrance he wore.

“Hi, I’m Segun” came this voice in a rather crisp and sexy baritone. “You looked bored so I came to keep you company.”

“How can he smell and sound so flipping good and yet think so poorly? Ki lo de gaan? Aarrrggghhh!!!!!” I thought to myself. My friend just left the seat next to me. Infact, how can I be bored reading my new CEV Study Bible? Well, he wouldn’t have known it was a Bible because of how slim it looked and how well I had wrapped it. Besides, I don’t look bored. Thinking very carefully and meditating on my memory verse for the day (Colossians 4:6-“Let your speech be with grace, seasoned with salt that you may know how to answer each one”), I responded in the most polite answer I could come up with.

“Hi. I’m Lola and I’m not bored. Thanks for been so thoughtful though.”

Just when I thought I had shut him up, he said “Fair enough, but I am bored so why don’t you keep me company?” Just then, I decided to look up to see who it was that spoke to me so cluelessly. When I lifted my head, I saw a well-built man with the most gorgeous caramel complexion EVER! He had almond-shaped brown eyes, with just the perfect length of eyelashes and reasonable eyebrows. His nose was just perfect for his face: not too big, not too small, not flat and not pointed like a British man’s nose. I found the tip of his nose quite sexy. His lips were pink and perfect and with my Bible in hand, I imagined what it would be like to kiss those incredible, moistened lips! The Ralph Lauren t-shirt and shorts he was wearing didn’t help matters. Though he wasn’t as muscular as Arnold S., he had just the right size/shape of muscles and abs coupled with those slim, hot legs.

“Ah!” I thought to myself. “This is the devil’s work! I REFUSE to be either tempted or carried away.”

“You’re staring” he said politely, with that deep voice pulling me out of my reverie.

“Oh, I’m sorry. You look familiar” I replied, telling the first lie that came to mind. “But I’m sure we’ve never met”, I quickly added squashing any hopes he might have had of getting close.

I said a quick prayer in my heart, hoping that God will help get me out of this situation. As if on cue, Nike skipped towards with a very huge grin on her face and a book in her hand.

“Sorry I took so long. I met Dr. Udechukwu who gave me an autographed copy of his book! The best part is I didn’t even ask. All I did was greet the man o!” She looked like she was getting ready to scream when I grabbed her wrist to restrain her. With her mouth still open, he looked at Segun and said a silent “hello”. He waved with a smile and an audible “hi!”

Allow me tell you about the teeth. The must have cost him a fortune, polishing and shaping. They are too perfect to be “untouched” or “unhelped”

“This dude is too handsome. A very complete package. What’s wrong with him? There has to be something wrong? Is he a pedophile or worse is he gay?” I tried to think as many negative thoughts as possible but guess what, he became even more attractive.

“Lola, you need help” I told myself. “How on earth will you…”

“Is she always this quiet?” I heard him ask Nike as he interrupted my thoughts-AGAIN!

“Nah, she’s meditating.” Nike replied with a mischevious grin.

I just met the girl at our NYSC camp 3 weeks ago. How come she knows me sooo well? I believe our friendship is one of those Providence designed for a lifetime. Our thoughts are synchronized and even when we disagree, we still find a way to end up thinking the same thing. I love her so much and I’m grateful for her presence in my life. She’s like a breathe of fresh air!

“Is that a Bible? It doesn’t look like it at all.” he said, collecting my “Book of Treasures” as I have tagged it. “Ah, CEV. I believe the Contemporary English Version is one of the most concise Hebrew to English translations of the Bible we have today. It gives you a clear picture of…” His words trailed off into the air as I watched in admiration while he explained the disadvantages the older Bible versions posed in our proper understanding on the words in their true context.

“A Bible scholar? Interesting” I said, trying to look unimpressed. “Well Segun, it was nice meeting you. I guess we’ll see you around.” I quickly pulled Nike out of her seat before she could resist.

“Hmmn” she teased, “is he the one?”

“Oh please, that conversation was boring.” I replied defensively.

“Okay o! I’m glad I got his number because I didn’t find him boring”, she replied with a smirk.

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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